Fuel Cells are the devices that convert a fuel such as natural gas or
methane into electricity by means of chemical reaction(s), rather than by
combustion. The process extracts the hydrogen from the fuel and
combines the hydrogen with oxygen through chemical reaction with a
chemical catalyst. The by-products from the process are extremely clean
which include water and heat.
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SANMIN  Team can provide following services to our clients:

With thorough understanding of  processes & in depth knowledge of Computational Fluid Dynamics,
SANMIN team can assist our clients to build the model accurately & efficiently.

The second step is usually inputting parameter information like reaction kinetic constants, heat transfer
coefficients and other material properties. This is done with close co-ordination with clients.

The results obtained are validated with physical test results. The fine tuning is done by adjusting various

The validated model can be used to refine the design & optimize the fuel cell efficiency. This helps clients in
slashing significant time and expenses by avoiding costly & time taking physical test.
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